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Useful Information

Atmospheric Attenuation of EM Waves

Historical Weather Data

On The Probablility of Clear Skies Near Kitt Peak National Observatory

Statistics of Weather Data and Telescope Usage at Kitt Peak National Observatory ...

Mountain Top Information

Mountain Top/Weather Sensor Map

Description of Mountain Weather Sensors

Fovorite Weather Links

Kitt Peak Weather Forecast

Kitt Peak Clear Sky Chart

NWS radar image from Tucson, AZ

NWS Tucson Forecast Discussion

NWS Lightning Safety Outdoors

Personal Lightning Safety

GOES Imaging of Northern Chile, South West, and Hawaii

Ground-Based GPS Meteorology - Sells, Az.

NRL - Satellite Meteorology

U of A Atmospheric Sciences

Real-Time Weather Data From NCAR

Unisys IR Satellite Map

The Weather Underground

HODAR - KPNO Weather

NSO/SOLIS Weather Information (Kitt Peak)

SARA Observatory Weather Data (Kitt Peak)