WIYN-HYDRA FILE Submission Form

This form is provided for your convenience in submitting HYDRA configuration files to use during your observing run at the Kitt Peak WIYN telescope. A target list (cache) for pointing the telescope at your hydra fields will automatically be assembled from these configuration files.

NOTE: That we ask you to submit your files at least two weeks in advance of your observing run so that we can assure they are installed when you arrive on the mountain.

Required Format: This form is explicitly designed to accept only HYDRA configuration files; eg., output from the whydra program. You may submit up to ten files at a time. Any more will require a second submission.

(For information on the whydra program please refer to the Instrumentation section of the WIYN Observatroy web site. You will need to download the the most recent PostScritp version of the Hydra Manual)

The information requested in this section is required.
Enter your name or PI's name:
Observing dates: (Mountain Standard Time)
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E-mail contact:

Enter a name for your cache:
A target list, for telescope pointing,
will be compiled from the field center
of each hydra configuration file you submit.
If you need to submit a list of standard stars you will need to do that separately. Please use the:
Coordinate Cache Submission Web Form.
Please use this format: (Jones-Sept-13)

Configuration Files:

  • Select Browse, and choose the files you wish to submit.
  • Please supply a unique name for each file.
  • If you have more than 10 files please make two submissions using a different "Cache Name" for the second submission.
It is assumed here that each of these files is an output file from the whydra program.

<= Please be sure that this field has a file loaded in it.

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Octt. 2021
Doug Williams KPNO/Observing Support (doug.williams@noirlab.edu)