Kitt Peak Coordinate Cache Submission Form  

    This form is provided for your convenience in submitting a coordinate cache to use during your observing run at Kitt Peak. A cache may be submitted for use at any of the following telescopes: 4 meter, 2.1 meter, WIYN.

NOTE: That we ask you to submit your cache at least two weeks in advance of your observing run so that we can assure it is installed when you arrive on the mountain.

    The format required is fairly general. The only explicit requirements are:
  1. All fields included must be aligned in neat columnar format with no spaces between lines.
      You will be asked, on the second form-page, to define the column values as delimiters for each field.
  2. The list must include RA and DEC and they are in neat columnar format.
    • The format for RA must be (HH:MM:SS.S)
    • The format for DEC must be (DD:MM:SS)
    • You may delimit RA and DEC with spaces or colons.
  3. The equinox must be included either explicitly within the list or, if all targets have the same equinox you may simply enter that in the "Equinox field" on the form below and omit it in your list.
      Note: Equinox may be omitted from some of the targets in your list, while others have an equinox explicilty, as long as the value you wish to use for all of those without an equinox is entered on the form below.

Epoch vs. Equinox: The Telescope Control System (TCS) for all telescopes at Kitt Peak accepts only one value for the system Epoch/Equinox. The TCS assumes that value to be the Equinox of the coordinates. However, if Proper Motions are included the TCS assumes that Epoch = Equinox. The TCS will then apply the appropriate precession and P.M. corrections to point to coordinates where the Epoch equals the coordinates of date.

Optional cache items include:

  • Object title -- if no object title is indicated a line number will be substituted.
  • Proper Motion-RA (arcseconds/year).
  • Proper Motion-DEC (arcseconds/year).
  • Magnitude.
  • Comment.
A sample list might look like this:
ngc 7546       12:23:23.1 -12:16:04.3
ngc 7546       12 23 23.1 -12 16 04.3                            a comment
ngc 7546       12:23:23.1 -12:16:04.3 1975                 7.8
ngc 7546       12:23:23.1 -12:16:04.3                      8.6   guide star faint
ngc 7546       12:23:23.1 -12:16:04.3 1975                 8.9   PA=90.0
ngc 7546       12:23:23.1 -12:16:04.3        1.200 -1.300  7.5
ngc 7546       12:23:23.1 -12:16:04.3 1975   1.200 -1.300
ngc 7546       12:23:23.1 -12:16:04.3        1.200 -1.300        another comment
ngc 7546       12:23:23.1 -12:16:04.3 1975   1.200 -1.300  8.3   spiral galaxy
   (PM1 is the proper motion for RA, and PM2 is for DEC, both in arcseconds/year) 

The information requested in this section is required.
Enter your name or PI's name:
Proposal number:
Observing dates: (Mountain Standard Time)
E-mail contact:

You must include an equinox, either here, or in the cache list data area below.

Format: (2000.00)
  • Leave this Equinox field blank only if all of the targets in your
    cache list have an equinox explicitly.
  • Enter an Equinox value here if:
    1. None of the targets in your list have an equinox.
    2. Or, if you want to use this value for those targets in your
      list which do not have an equinox explicitly.
Enter a name for your cache:
Please use this format: (Jones-Sept-09)
If you've previously submitted a cache for the same run the names must be unique.

Cache list: You may upload a file (it must be in ascii format).

Other-wise, you can type your list, or simply paste an existing ascii file in the data area below.

Please be sure all fields are aligned in neat columns.

Press here and --      To clear the form, press: 

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