Help Using The Coordinate Cache Submission Form

You will, with out a doubt, have trouble in either of the following catagories if your cache list is not arranged in neat columnar format.

Warning - Format Error or Non Digit Character Found

There could be several reasons for generating the error message.
  1. As the heading implies, you may have a typo in the field indicated.
    For example, a statement such as:
      Line-7 (DEC): Contains the non-digit character -> ( # ).
      WD1011+570 10 11 17 +7# 03 30
    ...points out that the Declination field in line 7 contains the miss-typed non-digit character #

  2. If it looks as though all of the lines in you cache have the same or similar error.
    • then you probably have defined one or more column field improperly. You may have started or stopped a field on the wrong column.
    • This program works best if you define the beginning and end of each field on the exact column it begins and ends on.
    • Starting a field one column early can trigger the error message especially if the field begins with a minus of plus sign.
    • Be sure that you have not defined different fields which overlap each other in column values.

Output Doesn't Look Right

Here again the origin of the problem is likey because field columns were not defined properly. The error checking should catch most of these problems but:
  1. Perhaps you cut a field one or two columns short.
    • This would cause say, your RA field to be short hour values or seconds values.
    • This will also cause strange results with object titles or comments.
  2. If your out put is boken up (split between lines).
    • It is possible that erroneous spaces at the end of that line are the cause. "Go Back and Edit" and try and remove spaces at the end of that line.
    • Also, blank lines between targets will cause this. Delete any blank lines in your list.

Doug Williams, Sept. 9/2001