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Printing files on Kitt Peak

Printing from the Kitt Peak computers (SunOS, Solaris, Linux)

The lpr command

ASCII-text files can be easily printed with the lpr command:

The default printer for each computer is the printer nearest that workstation. More options are available with the manual entry for lpr:

Here are the Kitt Peak printers and locations:

lw1 - 4 Meter Console Room
lw2 - 2.1 Meter Console Room
lw4 - McMath-Pierce Solar Telescope
lw5 - 0.9 Meter Console Room
lw7 - WIYN Computer Room
lw8 - Admin front desk
lw9 - Coude Feed Console Room

You can also view the printer queue and remove items from the queue:

Many postscript files can also be printed on these laserwriters.

The enscript Command

Text files that have longer than standard lines may be printed on the laserprinters located throughout the mountain using the command enscript. Rotate, r, the output by 90 degrees on the page with a gaudy appearance (G) using:

The example uses the 4 Meter printer.

For a file with short lines, compact the output by printing two pages on one sheet of paper, using the -r2 option.

Printing using IPP (Internet Printing Protocol)

The HP LaserJet 4000/4050 printers support IPP (the Apple LaserWriters do not). The HP printers are found at the 4-meter (lw1), 2.1-meter (lw2), WIYN (lw7), and at the front desk at Admin (lw3).

Setting up printer access for Microsoft Windows

Follow the instructions here to access the mountain printers using Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) support in Windows 2000 and XP. Windows 98 and ME require an IPP add-on. See <> for the Windows 98 add-on.

1. Go to the Start Menu -> Settings -> Printers
2. Start the "Add Printer" wizard
3. Select "Network printer", click next
4. Select "Connect to a printer on the Internet or on your intranet". 
Use the URL from the table below, then click next

   Location           Printer     URL
   --------           -------     ---
   4-meter            lw1
   2.1-meter          lw2
   WIYN               lw7
   Admin front desk   lw8

5. You'll get a message about the printer driver not being installed.
   Click OK to proceed with the driver installation.
6. Select the "HP LaserJet 4050 Series PCL" driver. Click "OK" to
   install the driver.
7. Click "Yes" or "No" to make this the default printer.

Setting up printer access for Linux

If you are equipped with a laptop running RedHat Linux, become SuperUser and run the command:


If that doesn't work, try


click on "New," and subject yourself to the Wizard. Call the printer by the printer name in the table below, and select a queue type of "Networked Jetdirect." Then fill in the "Printer" box with the IP Address and navigate through the manufacturer menu to pick "HP" and "LaserJet 4050." Click "Apply" and you are done.

   Location           Printer     IP Address
   --------           -------     ----------
   4-meter            lw1
   2.1-meter          lw2
   WIYN               lw7
   Admin front desk   lw8

Setting up printer access for OS X

If you are fortunate enough to be equipped with an Apple iBook or PowerBook running OS X, fire up Print Center (you will find it in Macintosh HD -> Applications -> Utilities), click "Add," select "IP Printing," enter the printer's IP Address in the "Printer's Address box" and select "HP LaserJet 4050 Series" in the "Printer Model" box. Hit "Add" and you are done.

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